March 3rd, 2011

Careless currently gigging, DJ’ing, and in the studio…

Pointman Jamie Careless is currently chilling from the mania of the public eye and doing chilled acoustic sets around south UK and generally keeping it real. He’s kicked off a career as a nightclub DJ off the back of the album, and is continuing to fly the Careless flag. Tracks are currently in production (to be released) and Careless collaborator Patrick Hunter shows off new and forthcoming tracks on his site

Nice to see “25 feet per second” hit the Playlist at cross rhythms radio this month.

good to know the album’s on the air and out there… spread the word people.
This is an anthology album you can’t be without.


Stay tuned for more updates…

July 8th, 2010

Latest Remixes

Latest news from the Careless boys…

Things have been busy. We’re currently gearing up for the release of the single “Chelsea Park” from the ‘Galactic Tourists’ album. (Video on this site)

The track is set for radio promo by the good people at NCM in August. So with a bit of luck we’ll be taking over the airwaves this summer. Listen out for our first single from the album – “Chelsea Park” already available for download. Spread the word….you heard it here first.


Also we’re gearing up for the future release of ‘The Believe EP’ – release date to be announced in the coming months. However, already we have a stack of quality new material for the E.P.

As a little taster of what’s to come – check our Argentinian friends ‘Farmacia’ at their myspace jukebox featuring their electro ‘Believe’ mix.


more in the pipeline…stay tuned!

March 3rd, 2010


Review by Geoff Howlett:

[CARELESS] – Galactic Tourists.

As a punk music fan of 1976, I was witness to some of the greats from that era I never saw the Pistols live, but I did see the likes of The Damned and The Stranglers. Punk never really died, it just evolved as the years went by. Move on to 1996 and the first entity called [careless] had been brought together by Jamie Liskutin. By 2001, the band were touring across Europe and making a name for themselves on the undeground Christian Punk Circuit. 2004 saw Jamie struck down with cancer and the band broke up while he took three years to recover. Having survived these ordeals he’s first to admit “I wouldn’t have got through it without my faith and the grace Jesus gives me, I wouldn’t be here now.” This new CD is a definitive collection of powerful live and studio recordings – put together by Jamie himself. There are fourteen tracks and it’s quite a ride. For me, the album couldn’t start any better than with ’25 Feet Per Second’. I just love the guitars, and the song is terrific. The sound of ‘Apollo 13’ is so fresh and exciting, these opening songs took me back to those halcyon days of ’76. Jamie has been described as the Christian Johnny Rotten, but his vocals are much better than that. He can snarl like the best of them, but there’s a real depth in the quality. ‘To Yourself Be True’ includes more great guitar work, on a song that has it’s own football chant within. The songs fairly race along, but ‘There is Peace For you’ does slow things down a touch without losing anything musically. ‘Bringing It Back Home’ (Part 2) features some more of that great guitar sound, a stomping chorus, and Jamie, caressing every word. Once in a while comes an album that breaks the mold, this is one such album. A classic.

March 3rd, 2010


It seems that those people at the NME do genuinely pay attention to undergound music afterall… and there’s us wondering why we’ve seldom had coverage from them before. Still, nice to to be in NME land… doubt it’ll last long, but nice to be nodded at.

If you are an NME inclined person – please feel free to shout about us and vote for us in the NME awards. Any support in these early days is appreciated. Visit…

February 8th, 2010


Those of you who might’ve wondered what ever happened to the video footage of the Mike Rimmer “Rimmerama Show” on Cross Rhythms a few weeks back… well… this is it. The boys had literally just rushed in, and were pretty flustered. However, Mike put everybody at ease instantly… top chap. Listen to the inteview on this site or check out Mike and the full team!

Patrick and Jamie on the Rimmerama Show

February 7th, 2010


The Careless Boys: Jamie ‘Careless’ Liskutin & Patrick Aurelius Tobias Ulysess Hunter (Not Kidding! Pictured). Have been busy of late continuing work on promoting the album and producing new material. More Photoshoots and Video promos are on the cards as well as a pretty labour intensive music schedule. The boys are doing well though. Top Secret Single launch in the pipeline…we wont tell you yet…it’ll spoil the suprise. However, expect some ubercool remixes by a few top names in the months to come.

Thanks for all the feedback and reviews…we’re glad to see the album is being well received. Thanks to everybody who’s helping us make the push…even in these early release days.


Photography thanks to John Bruce at

We’re slowly promoting and establishing this album – Read what the BBC’s Geoff Howlett recently had to say about it here.


Geoff Howlett

Also [Careless] Galactic Tourists is now on available for legal purchase on Limewire – Click here to visit the Limewire store!


Check out the links page for a full list of Galactic Tourists vendor sites.

The CD will soon be available to purchase worldwide online… this space fellow galactic tourists.

January 23rd, 2010


Aired Tuesday 19th January – Drive time show.

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Here on our Jukebox is the edited 1 hour segment ‘Careless’ appeared on….check out the whole show at the Cross Rhythms website…we’ve edited out all tracks and news that is not copyright Careless or Cross Rhythms. Listen to the show in it’s entirety…

Jamie Careless, Patrick Hunter and James from The Dark Poets on AIR! – Here’s some interesting listening…Jamie and the guys just managed to make the Cross Rhythms radio show “Rimmerama” With the exceptionally nice and exceptionally easy going Mike Rimmer. A lot of Radio djs we’ve met are egomaniac blabbermouth morons….however Mike is one of the most chilled out and easy going guys we’ve ever dealt with…Lovely chap -His shows great!!! make sure you check him out!

On the whole it’s a pretty interesting interview…although everybody was pretty nervous (as you can tell!)…however, Mikes an absolute pro – and manages to handle Jamie and the rest of the boys and get them to open up and chill before the end of the interview. The troupe literally had run into the station after a hard day of driving and promo over an hour late into the show and were almost immediately on air…it was a close run thing indeed.

Jamie gives a rough outline of his gigging and history with the legacy of Careless, and most touchingly speaks very opening and honestly about his faith and his battles with cancer in very real terms. It’s an exceptionally open and honest interview…..if you havn’t heard Careless before – this is a good place to start – they keep it very real indeed. Paddy from Careless gives a touching insight into the inspiration of the track ‘Do You Believe?’…The interview deals with some difficult and soul searching subject matters….until James R. Hunter from the Dark Poets / also joins in to shamelessy promote the brilliance of ‘Galactic Tourists’…

Big shouts to Mike Rimmer, Action Al and Gareth and all at Cross Rhythms and the ‘Rimmerama Show’ for being very cool indeed.

…see what you might be missing! – check out Mike Rimmer and ‘Rimmerama’

January 10th, 2010


A big shout to all at crossrhythms for the storming review of Galactic Tourists. Heres what Peter Timmis had to say:

RATING: 9/10

Sit down and fasten your safety belts, this is going to be a ride you’re not going to forget. Anyone familiar with the band already know what to expect; razorwire guitars, in-your-face drumming, a relentless pace and, of course, the maniacal vocals of James Liskutin aka Jamie careless – the Christian equivalent of Johnny Rotten, maybe, a charismatic, engaging frontman in his own right, definitely. The album opens with the energetic “25 Feet Per Second” a song guaranteed to get audiences pogo-ing when the band perform it live. Not to be confused with some of the more one dimensional noise-merchants that litter the genre, there are big chorus’s here that imprint themselves onto the consciousness. In particular the melodic groove on “The Evening Star (Jesus On The Street)” and “Bringing It Back Home” that features fuzzed up, heavy riffing that Led Zeppelin would be proud to call their own. The Bowiesque “Do You Believe (In God? In Love?)”, written and recorded with electronic producer Patrick Hunter, is an interesting and successful diversion displaying new found levels of maturity and hinting at an exciting, possible future direction. Seemingly unstoppable and unwilling to compromise, the future looks very bright for [Careless].

Read the original article here

December 23rd, 2009


Here’s some details of podcasts now available and forthcoming [[Careless]] features on Cross rhythms.

Jamie can be heard in interview on the latest Greg Sammons Podcast …You want metal? You want rock? You want hardcore? You want punk? …You wanna listen to the rock and “The rock and the hard place”

Current Playlist:

Flyleaf – Beautiful Bride
Showbread – Nothing Matters More
Creed – Overcome
100 Philistine Foreskins – We Lament The Death Of God In The Heart Of Man
Rodent Emporium – Mandy
Sixstarhotel – Kid Go Get It
Skillet – Monster
Ecthirion – Anthem For The Brave
Thrice – All The World Is Mad
Juinera – Attic Giants
Fight Before Surrender – Brainwashed
Grave Robber – Altered States
Careless – Apollo 13
Careless – Dr Mick
Careless – Bringing It Back Home (Part Two)
Gwen Stacy – Profit Motive
Austrian Death Machine – I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, Your Motorcycle
Before There Was Rosalyn – The Deliverer
All Or Nothing – Will Of The Gods


Also Lined up on crossrhythms

19th January

Jamie Careless will be talking on the Rimmerama Podcast about the journey of the band and the latest album release.

The Rimmerama Podcast is now available by going to Crossrhythms podcasts and clinking on the link. Or you can search the podcast section of itunes. Why not subscribe and get the podcast every week? Normally it’s thirty minutes of show highlights.



December 15th, 2009


Jamie Has been doing a little press and radio so far for the album, however there is more in the pipeline and we shall keep you informed on what’s going on in [[Careless]] land. However, aside from spending time in the studio recording new material (that you’ll find out about first on this site) and working on film soundtracks, He’s also geared up for a few movie cameos…more gossip when we’re allowed to tell you.

We gave the debut of the album to our good friends at Cross Rhythms Radio…we strongly suggest you check them out – they’ve been long time supporters of [[Careless]] and have been behind the band through some tough times. We owed the debuts to our rock radio heros Greg Sammons and Mike Rimmer at


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